10 Reasons Why I Don’t Like Koh Samui

Wat Kao Hua Jook

Koh Samui is the largest island of three popular islands in the Gulf of Thailand. The island is a very popular tourist destination because an international airport is located directly on the main beach Chaweng. I visited Koh Samui for a few days during my first trip to Thailand three years ago. I didn’t like it. But this year I wanted to give it second chance. I planned to stay on the island for two weeks and explore it. But just like three years ago, I literally run away after few days. These are the reasons why I am not going to give it a third chance and why I don’t like Koh Samui.

Everything is expensive

There is expensive accommodation, expensive food, expensive tickets, expensive tours, expensive transportation, expensive everything. I understand that some people consider prices in Koh Samiu as cheap, but since I have visited many cities and islands in Thailand, I can compare prices with other places and Koh Samui is overpriced compared to other, much more beautiful places.

Few local restaurants

During my travels I love to discovered new taste, meals and cuisines. As well as many travelers, I’ve also found that the best and paradoxically the cheapest food are in small restaurants mostly visited by locals. I have always great impression to eat in this kind of restaurants. Unfortunately, such restaurants have almost disappeared from Koh Samui. They were replacing by unimpressive and overpriced Italian, Israeli, German, French, and other restaurants for which I am not going to Thailand.

Koh Samui is overcrowded

Koh Samui is crowded, very crowded. A few decades ago, Koh Samui was an island with a few hundred local people, mostly fishermen. But times are changed. Today you can also meet only a bunch of local residents in Koh Samui, but comparing with thousands and thousands tourists from all around the world, you don’t feel like you are in Thailand.

Too many buildings

The development of tourism also involves building new resorts and hotels. Only the last three years I have noticed the difference even during last 3 years. New tall buildings are massively growing up on the cliffs and in the inland and original forest with animals is gradually disappearing. Koh Samui is densely filled with buildings. In Koh Samui, you can see little of the original nature without being hit by human hands.

Many animal attractions

There are plenty of expensive animal attractions on the island. All these attractions such as elephants, crocodiles, butterflies, buffaloes, snakes, etc. are based on business with animals, which is very sad. The animals are really abused; they don’t live in good conditions as they only serve to make money. This animal business is usually supported by wealthy tourists who want to take a picture with animals and post it to the social network so all their friends can see which exotic country they choose for spending holiday. Unfortunately, the dark side of this business is hidden in their eyes.

Lack of island atmosphere

Due to tourism, attractions and developing, this island has lost its atmosphere. It’s the special island tropical atmosphere what I love in Thailand. It has disappeared from Koh Samiu and will never appear again. The island lost its charm. Fortunately, there are many places, islands and beaches in Thailand where you can experience this amazing atmosphere. People who visit only Koh Samui each year can’t imagine what they are missing behind its coast.

Angry Thais

According to my experience the Thais are a warm, smiling and friendly people. But my experience from Koh Samui is opposite.  Most of the Thai people you meet are angry, unfriendly and nervous.  I noticed they are tired of tourism and do everything only for money. But when I looked at the behavior of some tourists, it is no wonder why they behave this way.

Unfriendly tourists

During my journeys I used to meet people from all over the world. I’m a friendly person, so meeting with other people doesn’t make me problem. I travel mostly alone, so I’m searching for a company of people during travelling. But from all the places I’ve visited in the world, I had the biggest problem with making new friendships in Koh Samui.

Crazy driving

Not only tourists drive crazy, but local people as well, as I could try first evening in the island. Each year a large number of accidents happen in Koh Samui and, unfortunately, several are tragic. At the beaches I regularly met people after accidents with bandages. This is happening all over Thailand, but Koh Samui itself is the worst. These accidents are mainly due to the fact that drivers are drunk. I wanted to explore the island on a motorbike, but in the end I did not dare, because I didn’t want to put my life at risk.

Bad vibrations

All these things together create something that could be called general negative vibrations. There is something in the air, why I don’t feel good and relax on the island. And since I had to run away second time from the island, I already know that I will never come back to Koh Samui.

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