1. August 2016
Pelisters Eyes

Hiking in Pelister National Park from Dihovo to Pelisters Eyes

Pelister National Park is one of three national parks, which are located in Macedonia. Most famous treks are hiking to the highest peak of Mount Pelister and Pelisters lakes, also known as Pelisters eyes or Pelisterski oci. You can […]
29. July 2016
Markovi Kuli, Prilep

Places to Visit in Prilep and Varosh in Macedonia

I wanted to visit city Prilep as one day trip from Bitola, because there are plenty of buses during a day and journey takes only 45 minutes. Ticket costs 100 DEN one way. From the bus station I got to the […]
26. July 2016
ancient city of Heraclea

How to Spend One Day in Bitola in Macedonia?

How I got to Bitola from Ohrid? I arrived to Bitola from Ohrid by morning bus. Bitola is the second largest city in Macedonia and there are many direct buses between Ohrid and Bitola and Skopje and Bitola. The […]
23. July 2016
Snake Island, Golem grad

Visiting Snake Island, Golem grad in Prespa Lake, Macedonia

The next day I wanted to visit the island Golem Grad also called Snake Island on Lake Prespa. On the internet, there was no mention of how to get there. I looked at the map and found out that […]
20. July 2016

Funny day in the village Recica near Ohrid in Macedonia

Because like traveling outside of beaten path, I decided to go and see the village Recica, which is 17 kilometers away from Ohrid. Recica is popular place for its natural washing machines and dryers. I’ve never seen anything like […]
18. July 2016
Saint Naun Monastery

Saint Naum Monastery as one day trip from Ohrid in Macedonia

Saint Naum Monastery in Macedonia is a very popular place which is situated along Lake Ohrid, 29 kilometers far from city of Ohrid. It is very popular tourist attraction in Ohrid, which is worth to see. There are 3 […]
16. July 2016
St. Kaneo Church

11 Places You Should Definitely Visit in Ohrid

How I got to Ohrid from Skopje? In the morning I packed my staff and with my new friend from Finland, we went to the bus station in Skopje to catch the bus to Ohrid. There are several buses daily […]
14. July 2016
Bridges in Skopje

7 Top Places to Visit in Skopje in One Day

How to get to Skopje city centre? You can get from airport to Skopje city by taxi, which costs 20 Euros, prices are fixed or you can take a public bus like me, which will cost you 170 DEN. Buses leave […]