5. December 2015
sand mandala

How Buddhist monks build sand mandala?

When I entered to the room where the monks build sand mandala in Spituk monastery, I did not believe my eyes. I have never thought I will see it in my life. The best part was that I saw […]
2. December 2015
spituk monastery

Great day in Spituk monastery and village with local people

I had planned to visit the Spituk monastery today. Because Kolto comes from the village of Spituk,  he suggested me to go to the monastery with his son, who can show it to me. I was very pleased with […]
1. December 2015
world signal

Review of portable satellite phone from Shepherd group

  Shepherd group is UK based company which provides professional and affordable solutions with a personal touch including worldwide delivery of portable satellite communications equipment. Did you know that only 10% of the world is covered by regular mobile […]
30. November 2015
hemis monastery festival

Visiting Buddhist Hemis monastery festival

I was lucky, bacuse I came to Leh in days of Hemis monastery festival. I with my new Korean friends from my guest house went to the Hemis to see how famous Hemish monastery festival looks like. We got […]
26. November 2015
Leh Palace

Is getting to Tibet too difficult? Visit Leh instead of Lhasa!

I’ve always wanted to visit Lhasa, but when I looked for information on how to get there, I realized that getting to Tibet is too difficult. When I found out that there is an easier way to get to […]
24. November 2015
ladakhi family rab yang guest house

Warm meeting with my Ladakhi friends after one year

After a year of waiting and countdown days in Europe, I got on a plane that drove me directly to airport in New Delhi. I was there a couple of hours waiting for my next flight to Leh. I […]
22. November 2015
landing in Leh

How to avoid altitude sickness after landing in high places?

When I wanted to return to India a year later, I have planned my trip that straight after flight from Europe to Delhi I connected to a next flight to Leh. Leh is at an altitude of 3524 meters. This […]
21. November 2015
Paharganj, New Delhi

Why I love India so much?

I am sitting on the rooftop terrace of my hotel in New Delhi in Paharganj, I am smoking and I am sad. I will leave India tomorrow. I will be in Europe again after 6 weeks. I am trying to avoid these thoughts. I am trying […]
17. November 2015
train in india

How to travel by train in India – quick guide

India doesn’t have the largest railway network in the world, though it is commonly believed. India comes fourth with approximately 64 000 km of railroad after US, Russia, and China. If the tracks were to be laid out from […]
12. November 2015
water from Ganges

Want to take water from Ganges? Maybe not a good idea!

Two days before we had to leave Varanasi, we came to a Ganges river with empty bottles. We wanted to take the water from Ganges and store it in bottles in remembrance of Varanasi, as do many travelers who […]