23. December 2015
bactrian camels in nubra valley

Could Bactrian camels help me with altitude sickness?

After a very dangerous and difficult 10 hour journey from Leh to Nubra Valley by local bus we finally got to our destination. It was a village Hundar. On the outskirts of the village lives a herd of Bactrian camels, […]
22. November 2015
landing in Leh

How to avoid altitude sickness after landing in high places?

When I wanted to return to India a year later, I have planned my trip that straight after flight from Europe to Delhi I connected to a next flight to Leh. Leh is at an altitude of 3524 meters. This […]
29. May 2015

How I got altitude sickness in the city of Leh

In my case, altitude sickness began around 2 hours before we arrived to Leh, capital city of Ladakh in India. I woke up in the minivan with headache, but that time I didn’t realize I experience symptoms of altitude sickness. […]