6. January 2018

Zoe in Yellow – Were I and Other People Drunk or Drugged?

I generally like parties in Thailand. Especially I like parties on the islands like the massive New Eve Party in Koh Phangan. When I came to the north of Thailand to Chiang Mai I went to see how it […]
22. November 2017

How did I Crash Motorcycle on Koh Samui in Thailand

This is my story about how I crashed motorcycle on Koh Samui. Beginning of my second stay in Thailand wasn’t the best. Upon arrival to Bangkok I took night train to Surat Thani and a slow boat to Koh […]
15. September 2016
Baranec, Western Tatras

Close encounter with a bear in Western Tatras in Slovakia

I have seen bear in the mountains 3 times but encounter with a bear I experienced this time was the worst.  Here is my story: Each mountain range in Slovakia is different, looks different and has different vibes. In my opinion, […]
7. February 2016
paharganj at night

Sick, alone and lost in India

The next night and day was one of the worst, but the luckiest day I have ever experienced in India. I was sick, alone and lost in India. Part 1 I and couple from France enjoyed the sunset in Almora […]
5. February 2016
how did child from slum help me in Amora

How did child from the slum help me in Almora in India?

In the morning I with couple from France got off the train in Kathgodam and took a taxi to Almora. 3 hours journey was very nice – flowers were blooming, brook was babbling, insects were buzzing, it was quiet and everything […]
27. January 2016
Rishikesh festival Kanwar Yatra

Why NOT to travel to Rishikesh during festival Kanwar Yatra?

I did it. I traveled to Rishikesh during the festival Kanwar Yatra in July, despite the fact that the owner of my favorite hotel at Paharganj in New Delhi strongly didn’t recommend to do that. At that time I […]
23. December 2015
bactrian camels in nubra valley

Could Bactrian camels help me with altitude sickness?

After a very dangerous and difficult 10 hour journey from Leh to Nubra Valley by local bus we finally got to our destination. It was a village Hundar. On the outskirts of the village lives a herd of Bactrian camels, […]
18. December 2015
how we almost fell into abyss

How our bus almost fell into the abyss in Nubra Valley

Nubra Valley is one really beautiful valley at the end of the world. There is Diskit monastery and in the next village Hundar is herd of Bactrian Himalayan camels, where I wanted to take a ride. The road from […]
8. December 2015
rafting on zanskar river

Whitewater rafting on the Zanskar River – Chilling to Sangam

One of the best places for rafting in India is Ladakh. Ladakh offers a wide range of options for rafting on two rivers – rafting on the Zanskar River and Indus River. I have never tried rafting before, but I […]
12. November 2015
water from Ganges

Want to take water from Ganges? Maybe not a good idea!

Two days before we had to leave Varanasi, we came to a Ganges river with empty bottles. We wanted to take the water from Ganges and store it in bottles in remembrance of Varanasi, as do many travelers who […]