4. August 2016

Visting Ancient Stobi on the way from Bitola to Skopje

Stobi is an ancient town, which is located on the highway near the town of Gradsko and is located about 81 km from Skopje, and 97 km from Bitola. Ancient Stobi can be visited as a day trip from […]
29. July 2016
Markovi Kuli, Prilep

Places to Visit in Prilep and Varosh in Macedonia

I wanted to visit city Prilep as one day trip from Bitola, because there are plenty of buses during a day and journey takes only 45 minutes. Ticket costs 100 DEN one way. From the bus station I got to the […]
26. July 2016
ancient city of Heraclea

How to Spend One Day in Bitola in Macedonia?

How I got to Bitola from Ohrid? I arrived to Bitola from Ohrid by morning bus. Bitola is the second largest city in Macedonia and there are many direct buses between Ohrid and Bitola and Skopje and Bitola. The […]