8. July 2015
funeral ceremony in Tana Toraja

The day of killing – funeral ceremony in Tana Toraja

The next day we had a guide that took us to the funeral ceremony in Tana Toraja at which the animals are sacrificed. In Tana Toraja we mostly solve everything on our own, but to a participating funeral we needed […]
29. June 2015

Interesting Places in Tana Toraja Worth Seeing

Tana Toraja is a region which is located in the central part of Sulawesi in Indonesia. You can get to Tana Toraja by a direct bus from Makassar, the capital of Sulawesi. The journey takes about 8 hours. The […]
26. June 2015
Traditional houses in Tana Toraja

Tana Toraja – Cult of the dead in Sulawesi

I wanted to visit land of Tana Toraja since I knew that this culture exists. And why I was so eager to get here? Because I like everything what is magical and unusual, that’s why Tana Toraja was the […]
18. June 2015
Floating village in Sengkang

Floating village on Lake Tempe in Sengkang in Sulawesi

From the hotel in Makassar I with my friend Maria got by Angott to the bus station on the edge of city. Owner of our hotel in Makassar told us that at this bus station we will find bus to […]
26. May 2015
sulfur mining in kawah ijen

Sulfur mining in Kawah Ijen volcano

After leaving Bali we stayed in Banyuwangi – the town of black magic in East Java, Indonesia. We planned to climb a volcano Kawah Ijen (elevation 2368m). Sulfur from Ijen is unusual, because while it appears yellow during the […]
15. May 2015

Mount Bromo and Sea of sand without crowds

Mount Bromo is an active volcano and part of the Tengger massif belongs to the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Mount Bromo is one of the most visited tourist attractions in East Java. At 2,329 metres (7,641 ft) it is […]
16. April 2015
bali ubud

How to get to Bali

Bali is located just 2 kilometers from the eastern tip of Java and west of Lombok. This small island is home about 4 million people. Bali is a wonderful destination with spectacular beaches, hospitable Hindu people, rich culture and spirituality. […]
14. April 2015

Amazing Bama Beach and sunrise in Baluran National Park

The second day in Baluran National park we spent only on Bama beach. We got up before five o’clock in the morning . It was low tide and the water was deep into the sea. Sunrise on Bama beach was […]
13. April 2015
indonesia photo

My experience from Baluran National Park

Our next stop after Banyuwangi was Baluran National Park in eastern Java. At the station in Banyuwangi we found a driver who drove us for a few rupiah directly to the Bama beach in National Park. Baluran is the […]
3. April 2015
tropical fruits

11 healthy fruits in Indonesia

Before I came to Indonesia, I already knew that in this equatorial country grows a lot of interesting kind of fruits. When I arrived I was really surprised of the species that exist there, because I did not know […]