31. August 2016

10 Things to Know Before Traveling to Macedonia

I’ve compiled some of the facts you should know before traveling to Macedonia after 3 weeks spending in this Balkan country. Hopefully, these will help you understand what an amazing and beautiful country Macedonia is. Macedonia is very cheap […]
28. August 2016
King Samoil Fortress

25 Top Places You Should Visit in Macedonia

After 3 weeks of exploring beautiful country Macedonia, I can attest to it being one of the most underrated countries in Europe. Overall, Macedonia is a country of rich history and culture, amazing nature and very friendly people. That […]
25. August 2016
King Samoil Fortress

6 Interesting One Day Trips from Ohrid in Macedonia

I stayed in Ohrid 6 full days because I wanted to know this beautiful city as well as lesser-known places that are located near Ohrid. During exploring these places I experienced a lot of really nice and funny moments in […]
22. August 2016

6 Great One Day Trips from Skopje, Macedonia

The capital of Macedonia Skopje is interesting city and there are places you should definitely see, but I visited more beautiful places that every tourist in Macedonia should explore as well. These places are close enough to visit them as a […]
19. August 2016
millenium cross, Skopje

Millennium Cross on Vodno Mountain with amazing views of Macedonia

How to get to Middle Vodno? I did my trip to the Millennium Cross in Vodno on the last day before heading home after 3 weeks spent in Macedonia. I just wanted to say goodbye to Macedonia and that’s […]
16. August 2016
Kokino Observatory, Macedonia

Ancient Kokino Observatory and the best day in Macedonia

How to get to Kokino Observatory? Getting into 4th oldest observatory in the world, Kokino Observatory, was for me even more challenging than getting to the volcanic formations Kuklica. I knew only that I have to get to Kumanovo and from […]
13. August 2016
Hiking in Mavrovo national park

Hiking in Mavrovo national park through beautiful meadows

Where you should stay in Mavrovo national park? I wanted to visit all three national parks In Macedonia. On the end I planed to go to Mavrovo National Park. I made agreement with Ana, a girl with whom I met […]
10. August 2016
Kuklica, stone dolls

Discovering Kuklica – stone dolls in Macedonia

When I searched for places I want to visit in Macedonia and discovered Kuklica – stone dolls I told myself that I definitely want to get to that place. Kuklica is the stone town consisting of over 120 naturally […]
7. August 2016
Boat trip, matka valley

What Can You Do in Matka Canyon near Skopje?

Matka Canyon is a very popular place for tourists who visit Macedonia and Skopje as well as for local people especially in very hot days because there is usually a few degrees less than in centre of Skopje and […]
4. August 2016

Visting Ancient Stobi on the way from Bitola to Skopje

Stobi is an ancient town, which is located on the highway near the town of Gradsko and is located about 81 km from Skopje, and 97 km from Bitola. Ancient Stobi can be visited as a day trip from […]