6 Great One Day Trips from Skopje, Macedonia


The capital of Macedonia Skopje is interesting city and there are places you should definitely see, but I visited more beautiful places that every tourist in Macedonia should explore as well. These places are close enough to visit them as a one day trips. Unfortunately I have met many people who stay a few days only in the city center and not see all the beautiful country of Macedonia.

Millennium Cross

millenium cross, Skopje

Millennium cross is 66 meters tall and was built on the top of the Vodno mountains in Skopje as a memorial of 2,000 years of Christianity in Macedonia.

How to get there:

Take bus number 25 from the bus station and got off at the last stop. A ticket costs 35 DEN and the journey takes about half an hour. Then take a cable car. Price of return ticket is 100DEN.

More information about Millenium Cross.


Hiking to Vodno Mountain

millenium cross, Skopje

Mount Vodno is a very popular place for local people, because it is very close to Skopje and provides many opportunities how to spend time there.

How to get there:

Take bus number 25 from the bus station and got off at the last stop. A ticket costs 35 DEN and the journey takes about half an hour. Beginning of hiking trails starts at the parking lot and you can choose one of three marked routes. Each has a different difficulty and length.

More information about Vodno Mountain.


 Matka Canyon

Boat trip, matka valley

The Matka Lake in the Matka canyon is only 16 km far from Skopje and is the oldest artificial lake in the country. It is very popular destination for locals and tourists. There are remains of many ancient settlements, well preserved medieval churches and famous Vrelo cave which could be the deepest underwater cave in the world.

How to get there:

There is direct city bus number 60, starting at the main station. A one-way ticket costs 35 DEN and the journey took 45 minutes.

More information about Matka Canyon.


Ancient city Stobi

Stobi is an ancient city, which is located on the highway near Gradsko and is located about 81 km far from Skopje on the highway that leads to Thessaloniki. The early town covered an area of about 25,000 m2 and was the largest city in the northern part of the Roman province Macedonia, also later capital city of the Roman province Macedonia Secunda.

How to get there:

You can take bus to city Gradsko and from there walk maybe 30 minutes to Stobi or take a taxi, which costs 300DEN from Gradsko. You can also take a bus from Skopje which lead to the city Negotino and get off on highway near exit to Stobi and walk from there maybe 5 minutes to the site.

More information about Stobi.


Stone Dolls Kuklica

Kuklica, stone dolls

Kuklica is the stone town 85km far from Skopje consisting of over 120 stone pillars which formed naturally. It was formed as a result of natural erosion during the past 100,000 years. Kuklica is very interesting place, because this natural phenomenon reminds wedding.

How to get there:

You must take bus to Kratovo and get off the bus in Ketenovo village. One way ticket costs 150DEN. The journey took about 1.5 hours. The site is 3.5 km far away from the crossroad near bus stop in Ketenovo.

More information about Kuklica.


Kokino ancient observatory

Kokino Observatory, Macedonia

Kokino is 70 km far from Skopje. It is the 4th oldest observatory in the world and is located about 1010 and 1030m above sea level. Kokino is Bronze Age archaeological sites which indicate the rising positions of the sun. There are markers which were used for measuring the movement and phases of the moon as well.

How to get there:

Take bus from Skopje to Kumanovo which lasts 45 minutes and ticket costs 100 DEN. In Kumanovo take minivan to Kokino. Journey to Kokino takes about 40 minutes but then you must walk on the asphalt road maybe 20 minutes. You will see sign on the left site of the road.

More information about Kokino.

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