25 Top Places You Should Visit in Macedonia

King Samoil Fortress

After 3 weeks of exploring beautiful country Macedonia, I can attest to it being one of the most underrated countries in Europe. Overall, Macedonia is a country of rich history and culture, amazing nature and very friendly people. That is why I have decided to share with you this list of favorite places you should visit in Macedonia.

After you read my list of must-see places in Macedonia, you will not have a doubt about where your next trip is going to be!

1. Skopje city center

City center of Skopje was recently completely rebuilt and has some new fountains, city lighting and statues. You should visit bridges over the Vardar River, Mother Teresa Memorial House, Macedonia gate and square and old bazaar.



2. Skopje Fortness Kale

The Skopje Fortress also known as Kale Fortress is a historic fortress located in the old town of Skopje. It is situated on the highest point in the city with beautiful view of Skopje and Vardar River.

Skopje Fortress Kale


3. Matka Canyon

Matka canyon is artificial lake in Matka Valley, which is located only 12km far from Skopje. It is beautiful natural reserve. There is also Vrelo cave that could be the deepest underwater cave in the world.

Boat trip, matka valley


4. Vodno mountain

Vodno Mountain is located southwest of the capital city Skopje and it is famous for local people. There are some hiking trails which lead to the top of the mountain, where Millennium cross is situated.

middle vodno


5. Millennium cross

The Millennium Cross is tall 66-metre and is situated on the top of the Vodno Mountain near Skopje. It was built to serve as a memorial of 2,000 years of Christianity in Macedonia. You can take cable car to the cross from middle Vodno.

millenium cross


6. Ohrid ancient theater

Ancient theater in Ohrid was build in 200BC and since 1980s is again a site of public performances. It is located in city center of Ohrid near Ohrid upper gate.

antique theater, ohrid


7. King Samoil Fortress in Ohrid

Samuel’s Fortress  is a fortress in the old town of Ohrid. This historical monument is a major tourist attraction in Ohrid. From the top of fortness is amazing view of city Ohrid, Lake Ohrid and mountains around.

King Samoil Fortress


8. Church St. Pantelejmon

This church in Ohrid is also known as Plaoshnik and it is famous because Cyrillic alphabet was created here and it is the site of the 1st university in Europe, which was opened in the 10th century.

Church St.Pantelejmon – Plaoshnik


9. St. Kaneo Church

Saint John at Kaneo is a magnificent Orthodox church, which is situated on the cliff overlooking Lake Ohrid in Ohrid.

St. Kaneo Church


10. Natural laundry in Recica

Recica is small village in municipality of Ohrid. It is only 17km far from Ohrid and it is famous for its natural laundry.



11. Snake Island

Snake island or Golem Grad is only one island in Macedonia in Prespa lake. It has rich fauna and flora. You can see many pelicans, snakes, turtles and black cormorants as well as some endemic species of tress there.

Snake Island, Golem grad


12. Saint Naum Monastery

Saint Naum Monastery was built on a high cliff above the Ohrid lake, in its southernmost point, 30 km far from Ohrid in very beautiful environment. It is possible to get there by boat trip which starts in port of Ohrid city.

Saint Naun Monastery


13. Galicia National Park

Galicia National Park is situated between Lake Ohrid and Prespa Lake. There is one very famous hiking trail which leads to the top of the hill from where is beautiful view of 2 lakes on the same time.



14. Bitola city center

Bitola is second largest city in Macedonia and is one of the oldest cities in the country. Interesting sites in Bitola are Christian church, Towersclock, Orthodox Church of St. Demetrius and Ishak Chelebi mosque, which are very close to the the main street Shirok Sokak Street with plenty of restaurants and bars.

Shirok Sokak Street


15. Ancient city of Heraclea

Ancient city Heraclea is for many people highlight in Bitola. It is only 3 km far from city center. It was important and prosperous center of commerce until a earthquake which led to its abandonment in the 6th century AD.

ancient city of Heraclea


16. City Prilep

Prilep is the 4th largest city in Macedonia. It is known as “the city under Marko’s Towers” because of its proximity to the towers of Prince Marko. Interesting sites in city Prilep are 40 meters high Clock tower consider as the most beautiful one in Macedonia, Carshi Mosque and Church of Saint Blagoveshtenie.

Carshi Mosque


17. Varosh

Varos is now suburb of Prilep, but in the Middle Ages Varos was the city and Prilep was a suburb attached to the city. In Varos you can visit Church of Saint Dimitrij and Saint Nicola church. Above Varosh is located Holy Archangel Monastery and it is also starting point for hiking to Markovi Kuli.

St. Nicola church, Varos


18. Holy Archangels Monastery

Holy Archangel Monastery, which is located on the rocks above Varos , is one of the most beautiful and significant cultural monuments in Macedonia. The complex consists of a church dedicated to Holy Archangel and of the dormitory. It was built in 12 century and renovated in the 19th century.

Holy Archangels Monastery


19. Markovi Kuli

Marko’s Towers or Markovi Kuli are situated to the northwest of Prilep above the village Varosh. The towers of Prince Marko Mrnjavčević are located on a 120-180 m high hill resemble Machu Picchu, because there are surrounded by steep slopes covered with granite stones.

Markovi Kuli, Prilep


20. Pelister national park

Pelister National Park covers an area is at altitude of 927 to 2601meters and it is located near city Bitola. There are numerous hiking trails: for children, Historical trail, Stone Trail, hiking to Pelisterski oci and Pelister peak.

Hiking in Macedonia


21. Ancient city Stobi

Ancient town Stobi is most famous site in Macedonia. It is located near Gradsko on the main road heading to Thessaloniki. Stobi was strategically important as a center for both trade and warfare.



22. Mavrovo National Park

Mavrovo national park is the largest national park in Macedonia and is famous skiing resort. It is located near Mavrovo Lake. National Park offer hiking trails through beautiful meadows.

Hiking in Mavrovo national park


23. Sunken ancient church in Mavrovo lake

This interesting ancient church of St. Nicholas in Mavrovo Lake was the victim of an artificial lake created to supply water to a local power plant. It was built in 1850 and submerged in 1953.

Mavrovo, sunken ancient church


24. Stone dolls Kuklica

This stone town resembling wedding is located 8 km northwest of Kratovo. Kuklica was formed as a result of natural erosion processes and there are 2 main legends surrounding this strange stone pillars.

Kuklica, stone dolls


25. Observatory Kokino

Ancient observatory Kokino in Macedonia and archaeological site is the 4th oldest observatory in the world. It is located in altitude around 1020meters, 30 km far from city Kumanovo.

Kokino Observatory, Macedonia

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    Thank you so much for your informative blog, am planning a trip for my family and cannot wait to go! Especially after reading your blog and seeing the pictures you took!
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  2. You have missed Kratovo town – the town of towers and bridges. It’s the most awesome place I visited in Macedonia and theEtno House Shanceva Guesthouse is the best ( I mean the owner is such an authentic Macedonian). Here to see for next time: http://www.travelingauthentic.com/index.php/etno-house-shancheva-kratovo/

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    Hello, Katarina! Our family plan to visit this country in October. Thank you very much for useful information about interesting places in Macedonia. Greetings from Israel!:)

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