Want to take water from Ganges? Maybe not a good idea!

water from Ganges

Two days before we had to leave Varanasi, we came to a Ganges river with empty bottles. We wanted to take the water from Ganges and store it in bottles in remembrance of Varanasi, as do many travelers who visited the place. Each of us took two bottles. I wanted to give one to my good friend after coming home. It was his dream. And one for myself.

We took the water from the ghat, which was situated near Manikarnika. Along the way to our hotel I got a headache. At that time it was only a little pain. But in the afternoon pain got worse. I took a medicine against headaches with which I usually had a good experience, because every time my head stopped hurting. This time it didn’t. The medicine didn’t work at all.

water from Ganges

Because I didn’t feel very well that day, I stayed in my room all day. At night I could not sleep. I was still awake and I felt anxiety. When I finally fall asleep, I had a dream, actually nightmare. It was one of the worst dreams I’ve ever had. I saw my mother in the dream and she hysterically cried and screamed. First I saw her face. Then I found out that my mom body is chopped into many pieces. She tried to tell me that all the body parts she already collects, but she can’t find one of her hand. It was horrible. I promised her that I will help her. Then I woke up. I still had strong headache. As soon as I was able to think, I realized that everything that happened is caused by water from the Ganges. I realized that I took part of someone’s body. Someone who waited all life for ending up in Ganges. Then I couldn’t fall asleep until morning.

Early in the morning I went to the reception and told my Indian friend who worked in the hotel the whole story. He looked as if he knew exactly what I mean. His first reaction was that I should pour water on the same place where I took it. And I should do that as soon as possible, because it would cause serious curse. I and my friend took the bottles and we went to the Ganges ghats on the same place from where we took the water. Then I quietly apologized to the man or the soul, who was disturbed during the last journey by me and I didn’t allow to him or her retained a unity of the soul.

It may sound unbelievable, but in a few minutes my health started to improve. I started again gaining energy, I wasn’t sick and my headache disappeared slowly. For half an hour I have not felt anything.

Then I was thinking about it. What would happened, if I didn’t take these signals seriously and I would fly back home with water from Ganhes. The worst would be that I would not have an opportunity to return the water to the Ganges. And if it was a real curse, maybe I would never get home. Who knows? Therefore I recommend all travelers who want to take such a symbolic gift from Varanasi to seriously think about that, because consequences can be sometimes really bad. A maybe there isn’t easy way back.

Have you ever had a similar spiritual experience in India? I guess so, because India is a full of spirituality and string energies everywhere around.

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